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About Marc Hafkin


Marc is a Professional Life Coach, grandfather, and professional scuba diver, kayaker, learning harmonica while providing services in the Washington D.C. Area.

Marc has consulted with leaders of major organizations such as Booze, Allen & Hamilton, Goldman Sachs, Miter, Deloitte etc., in order to help maximize leadership potential, and expertise. Coaching allows individuals and groups to identify non productive narratives and create “bridges” to new productive outcomes.

Marc has extensive training and experience in the area of remarriage and step family issues, and try to help individuals, couples, and groups identify and work more effectively in creating the relationships and families they wish to have. Coaching is especially useful in identifying expectations and blocks that create conflict when trying to reconnect.

Teaching Individuals, Groups and Couples Skill Building to Instill Goals with a “You can do this!” Attitude.

Marc Hafkin

Marc has travelled the world and have gained insight into how cultural and familial influences shape the ways people hold and respond to life’s challenges. His life’s journey includes travel to remote places, living with individuals in South East Asia, the Amazon jungles and Paula New Guinea, and travel across the Sahara has allowed him to gain an understanding of different perspectives. He does consulting with numerous Washington Embassies in the area of cultural influences on relationships. Additionally, he has spent seven years on active duty in the military, and is a DiveMaster with 2,000 dives and holds two black belts in martial arts. The combination of these experiences provides an anchor for his work and allows his clients to maximize their potential.

“The Washington DC area is a great place to live and work due to its diversity and educational opportunities. Alongside the numerous universities located here, there are numerous other opportunities to connect and learn from. Given the fact that our government is here, it creates a lot of transition and opportunities for new people to visit and live.”


When thinking of excitement Marc tends to access the various parts of his life. In his personal life, he is excited about being a grandfather to a new granddaughter and spending time with her.  In his professional life, he is excited about growing a coaching/therapeutic business that helps people in reaching their potential. Additionally, Marc is excited about reaching the milestone of 2,000 dives in his scuba diving career.


The book I would recommend to read would be “Ernest Shackleton South”. It is a book about a great hero of mine that overcomes numerous hardships while exploring the  Antarctic.  The book portrays a man who has a long standing goal and is focused not only on achieving his goal, but is also dedicated to maintaining the safety of the men he commands. It is a story of enduring numerous hardships, staying dedicated to his colleagues, and being able to cross hostile seas to save his men who are stranded on the Arctic ice shelf. The book focuses on hope, grit, dedication and determination when seeking a goal, and being able to be flexible when circumstances change . The book symbolizes the fact that people can achieve various goals if they stay focused, and determined! The story is a triumph over disappointment and “failure” yet, shows that triumph can come in unexpected ways..

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